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                                     CATC 2011  

                         SSVM SCHOOL - METTUPALAYAM

                              04.01.2011 - 14.01.2011



                                           NCC AIRWING 'A' FLIGHT

                                                                                  . . .  Trend Setters of PSGCAS


                         CLEAN SWEEP BY AIR WARRIORS

                 At the Annual Training Camp (ATC) from 04-01-2011 to 14-01-2011 organized by 2(TN) Air Sqn NCC at SSVM Mettupalayam, the Air warriors of  'A' Flight once again proved their talents.

The Camp was commanded by Wing Commander S.S Rajan Commanding Officer 2(TN) Air Sqn NCC.The Air Cadets of PSG CAS cleared all doubts that they were the best in all round activities.

          Individually the following trophies were clinched by the cadets respectively:

 With this mammoth haul they unanimously won the OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP Trophy as the best set of cadets.