Salient Features of CBCS

A few salient features of the CBCS are :

  • Provides cafeteria approach to students to choose subjects they like.
  • Unlimited academic flexibility.
  • Besides major and allied subjects, new subjects in the name of generic elective subjects are offered.
  • Scope for field/project work, study tours, industrial visits, in-plant training.
  • Skill & Ability enhancement courses, online course, Extra Departmental Courses and Add-on courses form as part of the curriculum.
  • To provide value and ethical based education, participation in Sports/NSS/NCC/extension activities are made compulsory.
Credits needed to qualify

Total credits to be earned to qualify for award of respective degrees

Degree Credits
UG 144
PG ( 2 Years Programme) 94
MCA ( 3 Years Programme) 144
M.Sc Software Systems ( 5 Years Integrated Programme) 244