Sowing for the future

To be a part of an Institution reigning supreme in the educational realm of the city, the students feel esteemed to have made up their way to its starring glory. The college offers a meticulously crafted syllabus and exposure in right measures to make every CASian realise his/her dreams to excellence. Life at PSGCAS invokes the spirit of confidence and independence in students, by educating them on the realities of life, fostering knowledge acquisition in and out of the classroom walls.

Realizing Dreams

The place where one can scale up their competency in the lines of critical thinking, build their cognitive abilities and hone their creative calibre at large. Students are also bestowed with the merits of constant skill enhancement by way of engaging them in curricular, extra and co-curricular activities, interpersonal skill development and in advancing their analytical abilities during the course of study.

True Transformation

Mentoring young minds and self mastery is facilitated in abundance by teachers who imbibe personal care and guidance for all CASians.

The place where unexpected, constant and self-introspective quality dawns from every individual. The institution unearths the talent in every student and helps them discover a more distinguished version of their selves.